The Zodiac Signs With The Best Cut-Off Game

The ability to let go and keep it moving is something that is quite laudable. Too often people spend too much time holding onto grudges that prevent them from moving forward. If you want to learn how to be more proactive in your life and know when to let bygones be bygones, the following zodiac signs can help you do just that. Here are the astrology signs that have no problem with letting go and moving on.


Aries energy is all about moving forward courtesy of their planetary ruler, Mars. While they may get in their feelings due to their fiery, rambunctious nature, it’s never for very long. Aries understands that sometimes life throws us difficulties, and sometimes we just have to let out how we feel…even if it shows up as an emotional outburst. However, due to the changing, cardinal nature of Aries, they aren’t likely to dwell on anything too long. Basically, they will erupt emotionally by having a temper tantrum or blowing up, and once those emotions are released, Aries wants to get over it and move on. Guess what? Aries expects everyone else to get over it too.

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