New Emotional Beginnings with the New Moon in Cancer

On July 9th, we all get the opportunity to experience new moon energy in the sign of nurturing, caring Cancer. This new moon not only provides new beginnings when it comes to our emotional realm, but it also offers some unique breakthroughs that will help us to understand our emotional selves on a deeper level which can ultimately provide enhanced security. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to deeply care for yourself and others, this new moon in Cancer is your green light. In a world of hustle and bustle, it is very common to put the needs of ourselves and those closest to us on the back burner, but at this new moon, we are urged to go within, get comfy on our couch with those we love and just chill out and nurture the close bonds that we currently have.

New Beginnings Colored with Breakthroughs

In general, a new moon offers us the opportunity to set new intentions for a specific lunar cycle. The intentions set at the new moon are worked on, cultivated, and ultimately solidified usually during the upcoming full moon of culmination. Although the new moon is the beginning, when we look in the sky, the new moon cannot be seen. This is reminiscent of the fact that new intentions are often beginning without obvious signs of their appearance. There are no results…so there is nothing to see just yet. It is within the darkness of the new moon that we state our intentions, and as the moon goes through the lunar phases and fills with light, we gradually see our intentions set at the new moon developing to come to fruition during the light of the full moon.

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