Capricorn Season Shows Us How To Own Our Saturn Energy


Capricorn’s ruler Saturn is a tough but important teacher about how to make use of our time here on earth. As we wrap up Capricorn season, it’s important that we learn valuable lessons about how to use our energy by harnessing responsibility and accountability. Each of us has a Saturn placement in our natal charts that provide information about how we can make the most use of this physical incarnation while resolving toxic karmic patterns. The following is an overview of the twelve Saturn placements and the valuable lessons offered to help us take charge of our lives in true Capricorn fashion.

Saturn in Aries
With Saturn in the sign of the warrior, Aries, there are lessons and understanding centered around owning your identity fearlessly. Many with this placement may have issues with embodying the more positive aspects of Aries energy such as being a self-starter, taking risks, and owning independence. There are valuable lessons to learn about how to be accountable and responsible for your willpower and drive, using force to get ahead, as well as taking responsible risks.

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