Moving Beyond the Birth Cycle with Pisces

March 19 is the official end of Pisces season. As the sun gears to move along for a rebirth in the sign of Aries, it is important to discuss the Piscean ending. Although Scorpio is often known as the sign associated with endings due to its ruler Pluto’s influence over death and transformation, the Piscean type of death is one that involves transcendence and the releasing of the ego identity and attachment to the material realm. In Hindu culture, samsara represents the cycle of death and rebirth that is also associated with astrology. It is through the 12th house and the Pisces experience that individuals have the opportunity to finally reach what is known as moksha which is the great liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

Pisces and the Desire to Transcend

Because Pisces is the last sign it is often considered an “old soul.” It is believed that those who choose to incarnate to the physical realm under this sign are on an evolutionary path where there is an acknowledgment of their existence beyond the one they are currently living. Pisces is very different from its neighboring sign Aries in that it is often accused of not being really motivated to do much of anything. It’s as if Pisces is simply here going through the motions of being human. In the sign of Aquarius, we are reminded of our humanity. However, as we move along to the sign of Pisces, it is as if there is a desire to move beyond just being human. While Aquarius acknowledges the differences in each man that make him a unique part of the greater mankind, Pisces has moved beyond the differences into the space of merging and unity. The differences dissolve into oneness due to Pisces’ willingness to release all boundaries for merging with everything.

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