What do the Stars Say About the Pandemic Process?

Navigating the Pandemic Landscape: Sign Characteristics

The pandemic of 2020 has forced many of us to stretch away from our more common reactions and learn new skills. Sadly, those who can’t understand that their reactions can flex simply become reactionary. Luckily, those who follow astrological guidance have good examples of viewpoints that will weather this challenge more effectively. They also see folks who display modes of behavior that can serve as good examples.

Sheltering in Place or Struggling in Place? If you’re looking for a sign to emulate during this time of sheltering in place, consider your favorite Cancer. This is the sign of folks who love having the whole family (clan, friends, neighbors) home. That being said, older Cancers may really be struggling right now if they’re on their own, but they can take comfort in the knowledge that their families are at least healthy, if they can’t be together.

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