How to Catch A Cancer Man

The Cancer man is a unique combination of emotional depth and masculinity that many find appealing. If you have a Cancer male as a possible love interest, there are a few things that you should know in order to make him feel that you are relationship material. This is a man that doesn’t play games when it comes to his emotions and personal life. So, if you’re interested in snagging yourself an emotionally sensitive family man, the Cancer man just might be for you.

The Emotionally Complex Cancer Man

It is important to understand that the Cancer man is quite complex. Ruled by the moon, Cancer men have the attributes and traits of Cancer women except that they are men. So, just imagine feeling deep emotions while being told by society that being a man means being unemotional and bearing a strong demeanor. While it is socially acceptable for the Cancer female to envelop herself in emotions, it is important to remember that Cancer men feel just as deeply. However, due to societal norms, he often has to hide and suppress his very deep emotions for the sake of “manhood”. But who says that men can’t be caring, nurturing, and deeply emotional? Who says that men can’t and don’t cry? Who says that men can’t desire to have a family and an abundant home life? Why is “moodiness” only relegated to women? These are all elements that the Cancer man deals with consistently that he often keeps to himself. So, anyone interested in a relationship with a Cancer man has to understand that there is a lot more lurking under the surface. While their female counterparts are allowed the grace to exhibit their emotions, the Cancer man will only show his emotions within the confines of the safety of a trusting relationship or through brash behavior. Those interested in a Cancer man can make themselves quite attractive by offering these emotional, caring, nurturing men the space to be themselves fully.

Seeking Security

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