Embracing the “Mid-Life Crisis” with Astrology

At some point in life, we are all going to go through it- the inevitable midlife crisis which occurs between the ages of 40 to 42 and up to 45 depending on the person. It is during the midlife crisis that we are forced to realize that we are no longer young and that our time here on this physical plane Is limited. Not everyone experiences a midlife crisis in the same manner. Culturally, the midlife crisis is often marked by the older men that buy the characteristic red convertible and trade in their wives and for a younger counterpart in order to have the opportunity to embrace their youth. For women, this could be a time where empathy nest syndrome rears its head, or perhaps there is a major life event such as a divorce that changes everything. In any case, the midlife crisis requires understanding so that it can be navigated in a conscious manner. Continue to read on to learn more about the astrology of the midlife crisis.

The Key Astrological Events of the Mid-Life Crisis

The period known as the midlife crisis is marked by several astrological aspects. The time frame of the midlife crisis ranges from as early as 36 to as late as 45 depending on the individual. The most important astrological aspects of the midlife crisis include Pluto square natal Pluto, Neptune square natal Neptune, the Uranus opposition, which is the definitive marker of the midlife crisis, and finally, the Saturn opposition, which is the wrapping up of the midlife crisis experience.

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