The Four Penumbral Lunar Eclipses of 2020


Astrological events are always exciting to watch, especially because most of the time they don’t happen very often. But, even if they do happen, it is only visible from certain parts of the world, which makes it a game of chance as to who has the ability to see them in person. But in 2020, everyone is going to get their chance to see an eclipse, because this year there are four penumbral lunar eclipses.

But what is a penumbral eclipse? This is an event that occurs when the moon enters Earth’s penumbral cone completely, while also avoiding the umbra. The Earth itself creates a shadow, and within this shadow is the penumbral cone. The penumbra is a region where some of the light is obscured, and the umbra is a region within the penumbra, where all light is obscured. However, because of the way the atmosphere bends light from the sun, the shadow is not jet black. Instead, this shadow leaves behind a darker silver color during a penumbral eclipse. If it turns a copper color, this is referred to as a total lunar eclipse.

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