Power Struggles with Mars in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn


On July 1, 2022, we’re going to be really feeling it because Mars in Aries is squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Mars and Pluto are heavy-hitting planets that you really don’t want to play with and given that there’s a square between them, we can expect a lot of power tripping and struggles. Mars is in its home sign of Aries making for fiery energy that’s willing to put up a fight.

Meanwhile, Pluto is currently transiting Capricorn insistent on placing limits and stipulations to forward movement. This is headstrong energy where neither party will want to back down. It’s important to use this energy in a productive manner if possible. Even if you aren’t the type to get into power struggles with others, it doesn’t mean that people won’t want to do so with you, unfortunately. One important factor to remember is that how we act, which is ruled by Mars, is always upon us. So, we do have a choice as to whether or not we get ourselves caught up in the power struggle or if we choose to take the higher road.

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