The Link between Astrology and Color Therapy


There is a powerful link between color therapy and the science of astrology. These two modalities are used to assist people in healing mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of the self. The combination of astrology and color therapy creates an interesting and comprehensive healing modality that enables individuals to use the power of color with the science of technology to improve overall health.

What is Color Astrology?
Color astrology is a combination of the healing power of color and the science of astrology used to affect health and well-being. This type of astrology can be used to help individuals improve their energy by incorporating specific colors into their environment as related to the corresponding astrological sign. There are numerous ways in which color astrology is used from clothing, interior design, and during healing practices such as meditation, reiki, and massage therapy. The following are some practical, everyday examples of how astrological color therapy is used for healing purposes.

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