Learn About Hidden Enemies With Pisces & The 12th House

Pisces, its ruler Neptune, and the 12th house represent all things hidden, and this includes hidden enemies. When we speak of hidden enemies, we’re talking about those people whom you simply don’t know are against you. This could be anyone from family members to so-called friends and coworkers. The hidden enemy aspect is quite uncomfortable to deal with because it can actually make people a bit paranoid. However, there are ways to deal with hidden enemies and those working against you in the shadows. The following is an overview of the understanding of Pisces, Neptune, and 12th house energies, and how they are associated with foes that lurk in the dark.

Pisces, Neptune, the 12th House & Secrets

In general, Pisces, its ruler Neptune, and the associated 12th house in astrology all represent what is hidden from us. Pisces energy governs secrets because these are the things that you hold close to us and don’t share with others. Depending on how you view the hidden aspects of life, this energy can be something that either protects you or causes much turmoil. The hidden and secrets are held close to keep you from being taken advantage of and/or viewed in a harsh light. However, the hidden and secrets can also be used as ammunition for nefarious schemes such as blackmail and/or guilt trips. One of the important lessons of Pisces energy is learning how to develop self-acceptance and forgiveness so that you don’t allow the hidden and secrets to consume and be used against you to someone else’s advantage.

Enemies: The 7th House Vs. The 12th House

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