The New Moon in Virgo Helps You Put Your Life Together


This new moon in Virgo prompts us to get down to the business of living an orderly, self-improved life. Just beware of a tendency to fight with ourselves and others courtesy of this new moon in Virgo square to Mars in Gemini.

On August 27th and several days after, the energy of the new moon in Virgo brings us clarity to help us improve our lives. Pursuing wellness is high at the new moon in Virgo and if we’re really interested in finally taking charge of our lives, this new moon offers us the opportunity to make a fresh, efficient, grounded new start. While there is great potential at this new moon in Virgo, it is accented with a square to Mars in Gemini. This equates to new practical, orderly beginnings that are up against some forceful energies that can create frustration and anxiousness.

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