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What’s Your Perfect Pet? The Zodiac Knows!

Pets the non-human friends that keep on giving. Their attention, affection, and love are unconditional. If you are looking for your perfect pet, let astrology be your guide. The following are the best pets for your zodiac sign.

Fire Signs

When it comes to pets, the fiery independent Aries needs an animal companion that can keep up. Our suggestion is man’s best friend, a dog. But, not just any dog. Aries would do well to choose a dog that is relatively independent. Certain breeds, such as Dalmatians, can give the Aries a run for its money. Dalmatians are strong-willed, independent, and a bit bossy and feisty. They are the perfect type of dog for this independent bold sign. They are also the canine most associated with firemen…an occupation that rules the fire sign of Aries.

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