Falling into All: The Sun Enters Pisces

It’s official. The sun is finally moving into the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces. The 30-day Pisces transit is the wrap-up of the astrological year. Similar to the energy of Pisces, this is the perfect time for us to consider what we have experienced throughout the current astrological year and what we are ending to prepare for the upcoming spring equinox and new astrological year.

As the final zodiac sign, Pisces energy is related to wrapping up this physical experience in order to return to Oneness/Spirit to remain or to repeat the birth cycle under the energy of Aries once again. The sign of Pisces is mystical, and as a rule, is both hard and easy to understand if one comprehends that Pisces is everything and nothing at all…simultaneously. Continue to read on to find out more about the sun sign of Pisces.

The Vibe of the Two Fish

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