Using Forensic Astrology to Solve Mysteries

Did you know that astrology can be used to solve crimes? Forensic astrology is the specific branch of astrology that focuses on using horary or predictive techniques to find answers to unsolved mysteries. This is a more advanced type of astrology that requires a firm astrology foundation as well as an understanding of predictive astrological techniques in order to obtain possible resolutions to unsolved crimes and other mysteries. This type of astrology is often used as an assistive method by law enforcement when seeking information about crimes and/or missing persons. Continue to read on to find out more about forensic astrology.

The Predictive Nature of Forensic Astrology

There is a predictive element to forensic astrology that involves a comprehensive understanding of astrology. Predictive astrology requires the understanding of the planets, aspects, and houses and how they all relate to a particular chart to determine what might happen. With this type of astrology, a chart is drawn based on a particular time of an event. For example, if we are using forensic astrology to locate a missing person, it is important to know the possible time and location in which the individual went missing. This information is used to study the transiting energies in comparison to the natal energy to possibly determine what could have happened to an individual and/or the energy related to a specific crime. While law enforcement has specific tools used to unravel criminal and missing person cases, astrology deciphers energy in order to determine what could have potentially happened. It is important to note that there are no definitive yes and no answers associated with forensic astrology. However, the study of a crime or missing person chart could provide details that traditional law enforcement methods are not able to access.

Casting Forensic Charts

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