Pluto In Aquarius Brings Collective Transformation

Get ready for a taste of transformative change as Pluto, the planet of transformation and healing, touches down in the sign of Aquarius. This is a major event as Pluto transits are decades long. The long-term Pluto in Capricorn transit has impacted the structure of our foundations both personally and collectively. With Pluto entering Aquarius from March 23 to June 11, this is a peek into one of the most important astrological events of the decade. Thus, It’s vital to take note of the key shifts in energy that occur during Pluto’s dip into Aquarius which will give us an idea of what’s up ahead once Pluto solidifies itself in Aquarius starting in January 2024 through March 2043.

Pluto Touches Down in Aquarius

Given that Pluto is an outer planet, its transits are usually longer than the personal planets such as the sun, moon, Venus, and Mercury. Typically, Pluto transits usually last anywhere between 15 to 20 years in a specific zodiac sign. Thus, the effect of a Pluto transit is long-term which is why it’s so significant when Pluto shifts into a new sign. The following are the official dates of the Pluto in Aquarius transit.

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