Aries Takes Charge With Fire & Boldness

As we continue to navigate through the pioneering, direct, self-starting sign of Aries, we learn more about what it takes to put ourselves first and take the risks to lead to new beginnings and experiences. Being number one isn’t easy, but Aries has the inner conviction and motivation to set a fiery path forward like no other zodiac sign.

Aries & Its Mars Rulership

What exactly is it that makes Aries so direct and forward-moving? Thanks have to be given to Aries’ planetary ruler, Mars. Mars energy is all about taking action, willpower, asserting the self, and fighting for what we want. In Greek mythology, Mars is the God of War ready to take charge of the battlefield. So, the energy of Aries basically takes no prisoners. It’s all about looking out for the self. While this may seem selfish to some, that’s what being number one is all about. It’s for this reason that Aries is one of the best competitors in the zodiac.

Born Into The Physical

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