Measuring Aspects with Orbs in Astrology

One of the most important parts of astrology is the aspects. Aspects provide additional information about how the planets interact with each another. Orbs represent the distance in energy measured between planetary bodies in the natal chart. The number of orbs represented by the aspect reveals the potency of the particular aspect. In order to understand your natal chart in-depth, it essential to know about orbs and their function in astrology.

Measuring Aspects with Orbs

To determine the potency and impact of aspects within a natal chart is important to look at the distance between the various planets that create the aspect. This is called measuring the orb between various planets. The best way to calculate the orbs is via a professional, computerized astrology chart which will provide the details and numbers which show how far apart certain planets are when aspecting. In general, the most commonly used orb distances range from zero to ten degrees. However, most online and computerized astrology software allows for manual adjustments that can narrow or widen the orb distance for aspects if so desired.

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