The Peacemakers & Troublemakers of the Zodiac

In life, we all need a balance of peace and chaos. Peace allows us to have equilibrium while a bit of chaos keeps us from becoming too settled and stuck in our ways. There are certain zodiac signs that embody the energy of peace and keeping things together while others are more likely to add a bit of drama and pizzazz to our lives. Check out this list of astro signs that are most likely to keep the peace as well as the ones who like to stir the pot.

Keeping The Peace


It should come as no surprise that the justice-oriented sign of Libra tops the list of the peacekeepers of the zodiac. Represented by the scales, Libra is a Venus-ruled sign that is always balancing itself against others. Because of this, there is a preference towards making sure everyone in their environment is at ease In fact, Libra doesn’t do well with external strife. They much rather compromise to maintain peace and harmony. While it may seem keeping the peace may seem easy, it’s not. Achieving equilibrium is ever-constant and requires adjustments just like balancing the Libra scales.


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