Mystical Awareness with the Full Moon in Pisces

On September 9th, we’re gearing up for a dreamy, mystical, spiritual full moon in the sign of Pisces. We’ll be feeling this energy over the next four days. This particular full moon gives us an idealistic edge that is right on time to help us get through the current Mercury retrograde in Libra over the next three weeks.

This mystical full moon provides the opportunity to gain culminations regarding our dreams and creative and spiritual endeavors. One of the important things to remember during the Pisces full moon is to surrender, let go, and stop trying to control. It is by releasing control that we are able to obtain the intuitive guidance that will provide both physical and spiritual fulfillment. Due to the polarity of full moon energy, we are urged to balance the energies of both Virgo and Pisces where tending to the mundane day-to-day experiences allows us to have the space to honor the spiritual.

Important Full Moon in Pisces Energies

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