The Saturn Square Uranus Alignment of 2021

2021 is bringing in some exceptional energy that is geared towards breaking down what doesn’t work in order to build structures and systems that not only work but benefit everyone collectively. One of the defining energies of this year will be the Saturn Square Uranus which will be felt throughout 2021 and more exactly on specific dates. With Saturn currently transiting the freedom-loving, liberating sign of Aquarius while Uranus is currently transiting the more stable, status quo sign of Taurus, we can expect to see some major shifts involving our permanent structures and the desire to release that which is no longer advancing humanity. Because of the tense energy represented by the square, there will be some uncomfortable moments as we move throughout 2021. We will be required to hold ourselves accountable individually as well as collectively for the systems and structures that we’ve set up by asking ourselves what truly works and what doesn’t so that we can take the steps to move beyond the rut and liberate ourselves so that we can advance forward on our paths.

The Saturn Square Uranus Transit is rare, and because of its rarity, there is a unique opportunity to face that which we have tried to avoid up to now so that we can live a life that is authentic and beneficial for ourselves and mankind.

General Overview of Saturn Square Uranus

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