The Energy of the Void of Course Moon

The void-of-course (VOC) moon is a moment during the lunar cycle that is most beneficial for passive reflection. This event marks the period between the last major astrological aspect between the moon and other planetary bodies before the moon transits to the next sign. The VOC period varies in length from seconds to a couple of days. It is within this period where the moon is not making aspects to other planets that the moon is considered to be in a pure state and not receiving and exchanging energy. In some ways, the moon is in a resting state before it transits to the next sign where it then receives a change in energy. The VOC period is important for those who work with lunar energy consciously.

The Lunar Cycle
The 28-29-day lunar cycle is marked by a change in zodiac signs roughly every two days. As the moon cycles through the zodiac, there are distinct changes in lunar energy. As the moon is a reflective planetary body, it emits the energy of the sign that it transits. For example, as the moon transits through the sign of Sagittarius there is a desire to embrace optimism, travel to new places, meet new people, and an interest in higher learning. Once the moon completes the two-day trek through Sagittarius, it enters Capricorn which is changing the lunar energy to a more somber, private, emotionally-distant vibe. These steady changes in lunar energy are one of the main reasons why people with heavy lunar energy natally (sun, moon, and several personal planets in Cancer) are said to be “moody.”

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