A Conscious Farewell to Cancer Season


As we end Cancer season, it is worthwhile to reflect on the lessons that this time has offered us. As the sun moves through each of the zodiac signs, we get brief but important insights into that particular zodiac sign’s energy. Ruled by the moon, Cancer energy beckons us to explore our emotional cycles, and the importance of coming home to ourselves to obtain the security that is sought through family, home, and the experience of being nurtured and cared for. Read on to discover more about Cancer’s lunar lessons for us all.

What Cancer Teaches Us
As the first water sign of the zodiac, the Cancer journey offers us the opportunity to come home to ourselves. We are born in the sign of Aries. We learn about forming foundations and the significance of the five senses in the sign of Taurus. Through the Gemini experience, we learned the importance of communication. As we move into Cancerian energy, it is here that a connection to the emotional realm is established. It is for this reason that Cancer is often considered the emotional crybaby of the zodiac. While Cancer is known for its emotionalism, there’s nothing wrong with this because emotions are a part of the human condition. Cancer is the one sign that will cry because crying and other forms of emotional expression are more than okay. It is through the Cancerian journey that we understand the importance of honoring the spectrum of our emotions. Ruled by the moon, Cancer is often considered moody which can be expected given that the moon changes signs every two and a half days. Honoring the changeability of our emotional realm is what allows us to understand who we are at deepest.

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