Identifying The Toxic Traits Of The Zodiac

Welcome to the zodiac dark side also known as the astrological shadow. While everyone always talks about what makes each zodiac sign so wonderful and great, real growth and awareness come from acknowledging the not-so-wonderful aspects of ourselves. From Aries to Pisces, each zodiac sign has their less than pleasant character traits that keep them from being their best selves. In the spirit of self-growth and awareness, here’s an overview of the toxic traits of each zodiac sign so that we may all grow from our shadows.

Aries-Selfish Bully

Aries, you are probably already aware that you can be quite selfish and pushy. Sometimes you can be a downright bully because you want things your way. Your Mars rulership has you wanting to move full speed ahead, but sometimes you don’t consider that you are bulldozing over others to get what you want. While your direct, tell-it-like-it-is character can be appreciated, there are some instances where you lack tact. Finding and implementing the ability to be a self-starter in an assertive manner is highly advised.

Taurus-Stubborn Grudge Holder

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