Making Dreams a Reality with the Full Moon in Virgo

The full moon in Virgo, on March 18, 2022, brings the dreams of the new moon in Pisces, which occurred on March 2, 2022, to physical fruition. Virgo is the grounded earth opposite of the Pisces spiritual water element. This is the time when the spiritual manifestations of Pisces are rooted in the earthly realm via Virgo. What is coming to fruition for you at this full moon in Virgo? Read on to find out how spirit is manifested in the physical at this full moon in Virgo.

The Full Moon in Virgo Energy

The full moon in Virgo is a time to grab the dreams that were had during the Pisces new moon which occurred about two weeks ago and create order to make those dreams a reality. The full moon is a time of culmination where the intentions set at the new moon have the potential to become a physical reality. Virgo, being the earth sign that it is, seeks clarity and with this clarity creates physical order within its environment. At this full moon, the mystical visions of the Pisces new moon have the opportunity to be grounded through the order of the Virgo full moon energy.

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