The Axis of Aquarius & Leo

The axis of Aquarius and Leo focuses on using the uniqueness in the self in order to be able to offer that to humanity versus being the special unit that builds its own tribe. Aquarius, ruled by the different planet of Uranus marches to the beat of its own drum and seeks out that which is beyond the status quo in order to affect change that leads to a greater awareness for humanity. Leo, ruled by the Sun, places itself at the center where the focus is on building oneself up, learning about what is special about oneself, and creating a little tribe of people who are special to oneself. Along the axis, there is a key similarity based on noting that which is different or special about the self to either share this uniqueness/specialness with humanity like Aquarius or to bring that specialness to the self and keep it close to the home like Leo. This particular axis provides the chance to understand what makes us “unique” and “special” so that we may offer this to ourselves and to others.

The Zodiac Axis

The Zodiac axis encompasses all 12 zodiac signs which include their oppositions. It is through this axis that there is the opportunity to achieve wholeness by integrating the qualities and characteristics of the opposing sign. Below is an overview of the zodiac axis.

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