Why Millennials Love Astrology So Much

Have you noticed that there is an increased popularity of astrology amongst Millennials? It just seems as if this particular age group genuinely loves astrology. But why is this? Is it really just Millennials? Some would say that Millennials are more receptive to astrology because they’re interested in self-discovery and self-awareness beyond the traditional methods. Nevertheless, it does appear that astrology has become quite popular, and it’s interesting to explore exactly why this is.

The Millennial Obsession with Astrology

No matter what social media platform you use, an astrology post is likely to end up on your feed or as a mention at some point. There is this fixation on knowing the sun, moon, and rising signs. More and more people are seeking out astrological readings for natal and transit charts. It really does seem that astrology is taking a hold of the world especially when it comes to younger people. Some would say that the current younger generation specifically the Millennials and perhaps even Generation Z are quite obsessed with astrology.

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