A New Era-The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions in the Air Element

December 21, 2020, marks the highly-anticipated Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius as it marks the beginning of a new era. This particular conjunction also marks the beginning of a shift of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions to air signs. The combination of Jupiter and Saturn combined provides the abundance and optimism of Jupiter with the solid planning, efficiency, and hard work of Saturn. The shift to air sign energy with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction ushers in the greater understanding of communication thought processes, community, and relationships. Both personally and as a collective, this new shift is encouraging us to make the most of air sign qualities in a practical, concrete manner.

The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction
The planets Jupiter and Saturn come together in what is known as a conjunction about every 20 years in the same sign. The conjoining of these two planets offers us the opportunity to achieve great success and abundance in our lives and collectively…if we are willing to do the hard work. Traditionally, Jupiter is the planet of success, abundance, and new opportunities on the horizon. Jupiterian energy is considered beneficial because it grants us what we want usually without much effort. On the opposite end, Jupiterian energy when distorted can lead to overindulgence, hypocrisy, over-optimism, and excess.

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