Why Aspects Matter in Astrology


As people become more interested in astrology, astrological generalizations are all too common. Specific astrology signs have certain characteristics, and this can lead many to form judgments based on sign placement. However, this is not accurate in-depth astrology. Sign placements provide a general overview of the planetary energy, but they do not account for aspects that play a significant part in the expression of planetary energies. It is for this reason that you can have two people who are an Aries sun, but they both express their Aries energy in different ways. To determine why there is a difference in expression, it is important to understand astrological aspects.

What are Aspects in Astrology?
In astrology, an aspect is an angle that planets make to each other. The major astrological aspects include trine, sextile, conjunction, opposition, and square. Each of these aspects describes how planets interact with each other energetically. The following is an overview of the major astrological aspects.

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