See How Your Ascendant Sign Reveals Your Appearance

The ascendant in astrology represents the cusp of the first house, and it is associated with how we present to the outer world as well as the first impressions others have of us. The sign on the ascendant as well as the first house represents how we come off to our immediate environment. From how we speak to how we look, the ascendant is a very important part of the big three known as the sun, moon, and rising of the astrology triad. Understanding your ascendant sign can help you reconcile how you show up to your immediate environment and offers insight into how people are initially receiving you. The following is an overview of the 12 astrological signs as they are expressed as the ascendant.


With Aries as the first astrological ascendant, this means that Mars governs your ascendant as well as your first house. In terms of appearance, you could have a ruddy complexion, and there could be something significant about your head as Aries rules the head. In terms of personality, Mars is in your first house and this means that you have a very forward personality where you really do make a mark in your immediate environment and your first impression on others. To know more about how you come across, it is important for you to look for your Mars sign in your natal chart as this will influence the impression that others get from you. For example, if you have an Aries ascendant and your Mars is in Scorpio, you will still have the Aries indicators but it will be influenced by Scorpio attributes such as magnetism, keen insight, the ability to see through others, and a powerful presence.


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