Duty And Freedom: What Juno Retrograde In Sagittarius Means For Your Sign


On April 12 Juno will go retrograde in freedom-loving Sagittarius, calling into question our most serious partnerships, usually of a contractual nature. Juno is the asteroid goddess of commitment, as befitting the long-suffering wife of Zeus. She represents the spouse, business partner, and creative associate, and when in retrograde can make us all question our attachments. Keep reading to see how your sign will fare this Juno retrograde.

1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)
What does it mean to honor your obligations, contractual or otherwise? More specifically, have you stuck to your side of an agreement? As Juno goes retrograde in your fellow fire sign Sagittarius, you may find your ethics called into question, possibly on a public platform. If you wish to avoid a negative impact on your reputation, be sure to follow through on all agreements, regardless of whether or not your heart’s still in it.

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