A Practical, Orderly Love with Venus in Virgo

From July 21, 2021, to August 16, 2021, Venus, the planet of relationships, beauty, and finances transits the practical, orderly sign of Virgo. Get ready for love to take a more grounded approach where being of service and helping others fix themselves is the love language of the moment. While Venus does not necessarily express itself at the best in the sign of Virgo, there’s much that we can learn about love, beauty, and finances with the assistance of Virgo’s orderly, grounded approach. Continue to read on to see what this Venus in Virgo transit has in store for us all.

The Venus in Virgo Transit

During the Venus in Virgo transit, we can expect our love relationships, sense of style and beauty, as well as how we manage finances to take a more grounded, practical approach. If you want to think about Venus and what it stands for, consider it as your personal love language. Under the Venus in Virgo love language, we experience love as an expression of service. This means that at this time we are more likely to show our love for others through the little things such as running errands for the person that we care about. Helping them balance their checkbook. Assisting our loved ones with finally organizing that messy closet. With Venus in Virgo, there is a desire to make love a practical experience that makes sense. In general, Venus in Virgo isn’t very flowery and showy. Under this energy, it is the simple, practical, meaningful gestures that mean the most. With Venus in Virgo, to be of service is to show love.

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