Can Astrology Reveal Narcissistic Traits?


It appears that everywhere you go, narcissistic traits or characteristics are highlighted. Whether they are covert or grandiose narcissists, it’s hard to tell whether or not narcissism is generally on an uptick or if it’s become a trend to identify people as narcissists. Nevertheless, narcissism is an actual personality disorder. With the help of astrology, there are some aspects and positions that could indicate a leaning toward narcissistic traits. It’s important to note that there is no one astrological indicator or aspect which confirms specific conditions such as narcissism. However, there are some particular energies that can increase the occurrence of common characteristics that could be associated with narcissism. This overview offers an astrological perspective on narcissism.

The Rise of Narcissism
Before delving into the astrological concepts that are related to narcissism, it is important to mention that if narcissistic tendencies are as prevalent as they appear to be, then narcissism is definitely on the rise. There are numerous reasons why this could be from the social media culture that encourages people to constantly seek validation from others to perhaps a collective sense of a need for identity which pushes people to seek focus on the self.

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