The Seven Zodiac Signs Deemed Most Difficult to Get Along With


What makes a person considered difficult to get along with? Is it that person’s ability to state his or her opinion unequivocally and without reserve? Is it because a person refuses to back down, or is it one’s propensity for stubbornness? Perhaps some difficult people DO seem to stir up drama everywhere they go, but, often, a difficult person is one who is actually quite strong, stands up for his or her beliefs, and is one who is not easily subdued by others. So, what are the seven signs of the zodiac that tend to be identified as the most difficult to contend with? You might find a few surprises on the list!

One author defined difficult people as those who “never seem to be in a good mood, and are always looking for a fight . . . (they) thrive on conflict and stirring things up.” That’s perhaps the most accurate description of a difficult person, but not every so-called difficult person looks for drama. Rather, they may be highly driven individuals who focus on work, or they may be perfectionists who insist on others’ performing at their very best. There are quite a few on the zodiac list that reflect these very traits.

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