Pisces Season is Among Us

It is time for the collective to take a shift in energy as the sun moves into dreamy, intuitive mystical Pisces from February 18 through March 20th. The sign of Pisces is focused on what is beyond the physical realm. This is a time where being in touch with the intuition and guidance from a spiritual connection is encouraged. Pisces season is also what some may call “wrap up season” as it is the final period before the beginning of Spring. In many areas of the world, the Pisces season is represented by the last two weeks of winter. Simultaneously, it is also when we may begin to see signs of spring. True to its dualistic nature, and represented by two fish connected and swimming in opposite directions, Pisces represents where we have come from and where we are going. This time of the year is important for deep reflection. To get the most out of this time, it is important to get in touch with our spiritual nature and find a way to ground this energy in the here-and-now.

Pisces Season & The Incoming Energy

With Pisces season, the energy shifts from eccentric and unusual Aquarius to a more mystical, elusive vibe. If you thought that Aquarius was hard to understand due to its rebellious and out-of-the-box nature, then get ready to be even more confused. In general, Pisces energy is very nebulous and hard to grasp. A perfect image of Pisces is trying to grasp at fog. You can clearly see the fog, but when you go to reach for it, your hands just slip right through. This energy can be difficult to navigate for individuals that want something a bit more solid. However, there are ways that we can utilize Piscean energy in order to expand our consciousness and understand that we are all connected as one and part of the universal.

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