A Review of the Morbid True Crime Podcast


Morbid has a different format that’s like listening to friends

When you tune into the Morbid Crime Podcast, you will notice something different about the listening experience. It’s similar to living with a friend and hearing them talk to someone else about some engaging stories they heard. Of course, listeners’ overall structure is more organized than in that example. Still, the format is refreshing because they aren’t directly talking to the listener. It can make it easier on the ears for long periods while enjoying their lighthearted conversations. Depending on your listener preferences, you may not like this dynamic because it isn’t directly engaging you. It’s an organic conversation based on interesting macabre stories that will make your skin crawl. Sometimes they also have guests to keep things fresh and inquisitive for long-term listening. It’s an excellent podcast for nurturing your passion for true crime stories!

Their presentation of the podcast is high-quality yet personable

The way they present the stories can be severe, but they manage heavier subjects with finesse. It’s not a serious narration of a story but rather a more personable approach with everyday people discussing specific horror crime stories that happened. You can tell it is a professional podcast with some high-quality mics and equipment to give you continuity in the listening experience. It’s a great way to explore crime mysteries without being too serious or dramatic. That can be the downfall of some media when discussing this topic. Podcasts are also limited because you only project your voice with no visual aid like a television show. Despite this, you will find that Morbid gives you a sense of excitement without making you too sick with dark crime topics. The discussions aren’t for the faint of heart, so listening with caution is advised.

They have created the morbid network with five other crime podcasts

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