Walt Disney Answers Pandemic Troubles With Massive Changes

Disney Will Focus on Streaming Content As Pandemic Hobbles

Disney is changing direction and charging into a new path. The company experienced a huge hit to its travel parts of the company like the theme parks, cruise ships and live sports businesses. Many movie theaters remain at a low capacity forcing movies pushed back a year. 2020 has been a tough year for may parts of the business, leading Disney to announce a major reorganization focused on streaming.

The massive changes mean Disney will focus on the development of productions debuting on the streaming and broadcasting services. The Disney ads, media businesses and ads, as well as Disney+, will now all be under a central “media and entertainment distribution” group. This group will handle all of the distribution of the company’s content and monetization while also work with the streaming operations. Content creation will be divided among different groups including general entertainment, sports and studios.

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