September 17, 2020: New Moon in Virgo

New Moon Rising

Once every month the Sun and the Moon come together creating a new light cycle which is the exact time at which the lunar newness occurs, but the energy and effects are a week-long process with that exact moment happening right in the middle. The Earth aligns as the lunar planet is between the Earth and the Sun. The following three (September 17, October 16, November 14) are unique and are known as Supermoons.

A Supermoon happens when the new one occurs at the same time as the celestial body is closest to the Earth, which is known as the perigee of its orbit around the Earth. Although it may not be visible to us, the difference in the ocean’s tide is greatly affected by the closeness. Imagine how powerful the orb of night must be for it to have such a significant effect, and what that means for human beings.

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