Make Your Grand Trine Energy Work For You


If you are looking for some easy, harmonious energy, look no further than the grand trine. The grand trine forms a triangle that represents the three major astrological signs within a particular element. Trine energy is life on easy street because it’s harmonious. However, with all things that come easily, trine energy can be taken for granted unless there is some catalyst or harder astrological energies that forces the trine energy to be used consciously. For this reason, it’s important to understand grand trines so that these astrological energies can be used in a conscious, beneficial manner.

Grand Trines In Astrology
Grand trines are considered one of the most beneficial aspects of astrology. This is because they represent an easy flow of energy between zodiac signs in the same element. In many ways, the grand trine is an indicator of innate abilities and gifts. However, because this energy is so free-flowing and easily accessible, there is the possibility for this energy to not be applied consciously. It’s like a person with a gift who chooses not to hone it simply because they have the gift or ability.

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