Exploring the Connection Between Astrology & Biorhythms

If you’re looking for an energetic practice that will help you align with yourself, you may want to consider biorhythms. Biorhythms the study of the biological energy cycles of individuals. There is a belief that by studying these cycles, we are able to determine which days are better or worse for certain activities. If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because it relates very closely to astrology and determining which days are better or worse for certain activities based on aspects such as trine ir square energies. Combining biorhythms and astrology could be an effective way to learn more about your personal energetic makeup as it could help you gain more insight into how you can use both the energy within yourself as well as the energy from the planetary bodies to make the most of your life.

Understanding Biorhythms

So, what exactly are biorhythms? Essentially, biorhythms are rhythmic biological cycles that influence specific aspects of our character. By reading and understanding the energy associated with these cycles we are able to make predictions about which tasks and/or activities that are best to perform or avoid on any particular day. In general, there are three main cyclic rhythms or cycles. They are the physical, the emotional, and the mental or intellectual. There is also a fourth intuitive cycle that is sometimes added to biorhythm readings. Biorhythm readings are provided via a machine that prints out a graph of the various cycles by entering birth date information. There are also resources that provide biorhythm charts online by entering in your basic birth date information. In turn, you will receive a graph with the three main rhythmic cycles with details on the various energy levels and which activities are best favorable or not advantageous for the given day.

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