The Physical and Energetics of Planets in Astrology


The science of astrology is based on the energetic exchange between planetary bodies. The fields of astronomy and astrology are intertwined, although they are different. Astronomy is the physical study of the planetary bodies while astrology is the energetic study of the energy exchange between planetary bodies. Understanding how the planets function both physically and energetically is important in attaining a more comprehensive understanding of the cosmos as a whole.

Cosmology & Its Place in Astrology
Cosmology is the study of the universe from the past, present, and future. It encompasses studying and how the universe begins, where the universe is right now, and where the universe may end up in terms of its composition and makeup. Cosmology is an interesting field of study because it involves studying all aspects of the universe from the planets to the stars and the gases and other energies that make it what it is. Astronomy is directly related to cosmology because it involves the study of the physical planetary bodies. Likewise, astrology is the study of the positioning of the planets, stars, and other cosmic bodies and the energy exchanges between them.

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