The Signs with Multiple Rulers

In astrology, there are several zodiac signs that have more than one planetary ruler. These particular zodiac signs are said to have dual rulers. This means that there’s more than one specific planetary energy that impacts the overall expression of the sign. Understanding dual rulers will help those that have significant planets in these particular signs to better understand the variances associated with their planetary energy and expression. Continue to read on to find out more about dual rulers in astrology.

The Ancient & Modern Ruled Zodiac Signs

The zodiac signs that have more than one planetary ruler have both ancient and modern planetary energies. The ancient planetary ruler is the particular planet that was assigned to a zodiac sign prior to the discovery of the outer planets. The modern planetary rulers reflect the energy of the outer planets which include Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. For those zodiac signs that have both ancient and modern planetary rulers, it is important to understand the characteristics that are associated with both of the applicable planets in order to get a more comprehensive understanding of a zodiac sign.

The Dual Ruled Signs

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