Exploring the Darkside of the Zodiac

We all have a darkside…you know what I mean. Those traits and characteristics of ourselves that we rather keep hidden because we know that it doesn’t represent us in our best light. No one is all sugar and no spice. We all have a less than pleasant side, and the more aware of it we are the better able we are to keep it in check and address it. So, let’s explore the dark side of the zodiac signs. Get ready for some uncomfortable laughs…the dark side awaits you.

The Shadow of the Zodiac Signs


Ruled by the God of War, Aries wants to be FIRST. After all, they are the beginning of the zodiac, so why should they play second best to anyone? They won’t take losing easily, so get ready for some major competition. Aries has a temper of epic proportions, and at their worst, they are not above striking out with their hand or any other object in their space. They will blow up and then come back shortly thereafter like everything is okay because they were just upset, and everyone should get over it. People get mad sometimes…right? Temper tantrums are child’s play, but Aries can be like a child at its worst, so it’s applicable. Get off the floor, Aries. Temper tantrums aren’t cute.


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