Progressive Thinking with Mercury in Aquarius

From January 8th through March 15th, the communicative planet Mercury will move into the innovative sign of Aquarius. Get ready for the mental faculty to receive revelatory information that challenges existing perspectives and promotes higher thinking. Mercury in Aquarius is interested in what is different, eccentric, unusual, and innovative. Making the most of this transit requires that we are willing to move beyond what we usually think and adopt an open mind.

Mercury in Aquarius Overview
In general, Mercury in Aquarius is a placement that supports innovative thinking and open-mindedness. As an air sign, Aquarius seeks to collect information in order to expand its ability to communicate as well as to understand its environment. Aquarius is not interested in what everyone else is doing or what everyone else thinks. In fact, Mercury in Aquarius energy seeks out information and people that have ideas and thoughts that are different from their own in an attempt to expand the mind. During the Mercury in Aquarius transit, we are being called to think outside the box and to incorporate different perspectives in order to gain higher consciousness. This particular transit is also being supported by several other planets in the sign of Aquarius-Jupiter and Saturn. Several planets transiting the sign of Aquarius offer additional support that will enable us to be able to embrace concepts and ideas that are beyond our usual understanding and comprehension.

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