Vroom! Here’s The Best Vehicle for Your Astro Sign

The vehicle you drive says a lot about your personal character, so why not choose a car that suits your zodiac personality. The following is an overview of the best cars for each zodiac sign. You may want to consider your Sun, moon, and especially your rising sign to get an idea of which car would be most suitable for your astrological profile.

Aries-Sporty & Rugged

For the Aries spirit, a red flashy sports car or a rugged pickup truck is definitely a good choice. The sports car speaks to Aries’ pioneering “let’s do it” energy, and the pickup truck speaks to Aries’ tough, courageous, bold energies. Even though in many places having a red car increases insurance rates, Aries may want to pay a little extra to have a red vehicle so that they can feel motivated and energized when they’re driving.

Taurus-Reliable, Tried & True

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