Saturn & the Case of the Late Bloomer


Being a late bloomer can be difficult…especially when you see everyone around you achieving great things and moving forward on their life paths. The experience of the late bloomer is one that is littered with feeling inadequate and left behind. Although there is this perception that late bloomers are trailing behind and missing out on so much in life, this could be the furthest thing from the truth. Although society states that there are specific timeframes for reaching milestones, astrologically, this is not the case. Our astrology can show when we will reach specific milestones, and in some cases, there are many among us who are late bloomers. So, it is important to recognize that there are late bloomers among us, and astrology offers great insight into understanding the late bloomer.

Spotting the Late Bloomer in Astrology
Through astrology, there are ways to spot a late bloomer. A late bloomer is someone that fulfills milestones and/or potential later in life or at an age that is later than the subscribed norm. With the assistance of astrology, it is possible to spot a late bloomer.

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