Annoyed: What Makes You Annoying Per Astrology


Has anyone ever annoyed you to no end? Have you ever considered how you are annoying to other people? Do you actually think you aren’t annoying at all? Well, everyone has a little something about their personality that gets on other people’s nerves. We’ve compiled the most common ways that each sign is annoying. It’s a light-hearted take on how and why we get on people’s nerves based on astrology. Enjoy!

Aries-The Competitor
Come on, Aries. Why does everything have to be a competition? Everyone knows that you are first! You are the beginning of the zodiac for crying out loud. It’s like you are always trying to compete to see who’s better, or who can run the fastest, or who can reach the highest. When will it ever end? Why can’t you just have fun without always trying to one-up somebody? And, when you don’t win, you just have this big hissy fit sometimes you even get violent! This is ridiculous. You’re first! You don’t always have to prove it to everybody.

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