Faulty Software Leads Honda to Recall 608,000 Vehicles


Honda has issued a recall of 608,000 vans and SUVs due to malfunctioning software which has led to problems with the backup camera and driver display system. The recall specifies the 2018-2020 Odysseys, 2019-2021 Pilots and 2019-2020 Passports. The vehicles were equipped with incorrect control module software for their instrumentation panels which results in the display not showing critical information such as: gear selector position, speed and engine oil pressure. Failure of the display during operation could lead to the driver becoming unaware of the vehicle’s speed, thus causing the potential for speeding and result in the driver being stopped by law enforcement officials.

This error lasts until the vehicle is turned off and then restarted. The National Highway Traffic Safety administration has also found that the displays can randomly reboot during operation. Furthermore, the software malfunction can also result in the delay or prevention of the backup camera feed being visible to the driver. These issues have led the NHTSA to classify these vehicles as non-compliant with federal regulations, asserting that they can potentially pose a hazard for the vehicle operators.

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