The Calming Effects of Animal Crossing- Explained


With the recent release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Animal Crossing’s popularity has suddenly skyrocketed. The recently released Animal Crossing mobile app known as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has also recently gained popularity. Twitter is overflowing with praise and references to the new Animal Crossing while memes about Animal Crossing run rampant on Instagram and Facebook. In a time of chaos and confusion, many have turned to Animal Crossing as a laid back alternative to other social distancing activities.

There are countless things to love about Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but among the most common appears to be its nostalgia factor. Since its start in 2001, there have been few releases from the franchise. Due to its target market at the time of its first release, many old friends of Animal Crossing are college age and older now. This also seems to be the age group that New Horizons and Pocket Camp are most popular with. Young adults are often intimidated and confused by “adulting” or the facts of life they’ve recently learned. This makes Animal Crossing the perfect getaway from real life issues- it reminds them of their childhood, when they first played the game.

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