Highlights from Facebook Connect 7

Facebook Connect 7 Announces Oculus Quest 2 and more


Wednesday marked another important event for Facebook as it hosted the Facebook Connect 7. This year’s event was jammed into one day, and the keynote lasted roughly two hours long. In addition to the keynote, there were many virtual sessions, panels, and even live performances that ran throughout the day. The event included a wide assortment of announcements having to do with virtual and augmented reality. These announcements included a new headset for VR purposes, the phasing out of an older model, and new games and apps.

The focal point of the event was on the VR division of Facebook known as Oculus. In addition, there were announcements relating to “smart glasses” with the help of Ray-Ban and also a new AR initiative known as Aria. Below are the highlights from Facebook Connect 7.

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